GENESIS V0.1 | SEP 2018 Testnet deployed

HELHEIM V0.2 | Q1 2019 Exchange and trading modules built

MUSPELHEIM V0.3 | Q2 2019 Ethereum 1-way Bridge

NEIFLHEIM V0.4 | Q4 2019 Ethereum 2-way Bridge and BEPSWAP

VANAHEIMR V0.5 | Q1 2020 Mainnet launch with Bitcoin and Biance Chain bridges

JÖTUNHEIMR V0.6 | Q2 2020 Launch with Ethereum, Litecoin Mainnet Bridge

MIDGARD V0.7 | Q3 2020 Launch with Monero, Loki Mainnet Bridge

NIÐAVELLIR V0.8 | Q4 2020 Launch with Developer Tooling for any altcoin bridge

AFLHEIMR V0.9/Q1 2021 Launch of the Flash Network

ASGARD V1 | Q2 2021 THORPayments Ecosystem