Deploy - Manual

Deploying a node manually.

This guide is incomplete. Refer to the THORNode GitLab repository for the most current instructions.

First, ensure that you have a recent version of Go installed – at least version 1.13. Latest Go versions.

Also, be sure to have GOBIN in your PATH. To ensure this, run—

export GOBIN=$GOPATH/bin

Next, prepare the local THORNode directory—

git clone [email protected]:thorchain/thornode.git
cd thornode

Now there are 2 options for running THORNode—

Run THORNode on Linux

Build the binaries—

make install

Check you've installed thorcli and thord correctly:

thorcli help
thord help

Next, set up the Binance full node. Do this manually using Binance's documentation or use a Docker image.

Wait until your Binance node is caught up before you continue to the next steps.

Run THORNode with Docker

Use Docker to get a full local mock network for development purposes and to run currently unsupported operating systems, namely Windows.

Go to the Docker directory—

cd build/docker

Run the mocknet—

make reset-mocknet-standalone

Run a genesis ceremony with 4 nodes on the mock network—

make run-mocknet-genesis