BEPSwap is THORChain's first go-to-market product using some of the key THORChain technology. BEPSwap is built for Binance Chain and enables users to swap between BEP2 tokens, stake BEP2 assets to earn fees, and arbitrage BEP2 pools for economic advantage. This means that asset holders can turn their unproductive assets into productive ones by staking their assets in liquidity pools. Stakers deposit assets in pools which they then own a percentage of and earn fees on each swap. These assets can be withdrawn at anytime without trusting a third party or requiring permission.

BEPSwap utilises a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) state chain comprised of 11 nodes participating in multi party computation (MPC) to sign t of n threshold signatures (TSS) to manage pooled assets. The state chain merely observes transactions on Binance Chain with nodes reaching consensus about what is being observed, signing threshold signatures to transfer BEP2 assets.

BEPSwap is the first product to Binance Chain giving users the ability to stake and earn $BNB. BEPSwap will be unveiled in late August/early September.