THORChain Ecosystem and Community Projects. The majority of the THORChain Ecosystem is community-based and anyone can join.

THORChain Website and Socials

All the following are community-run resources. There are no "official" channels.
Websites: |​
Socials: Telegram | Twitter | Medium​
Documentation: Docs | Dev Docs | White Paper | Audits​
Development: GitLab | GitHub | Bounty Program | Dev Discord​
​THORBoard - THORChain Dashboard
​Viewblock Explorer | - THORChain Block Explorers

Community Projects

Below is a list of active THORChain community projects. If you would like to be funded to build something in the THORChain ecosystem please build something then reach out.

Exchanges Only

​ASGARDEX Desktop - Wallet and Exchange Client for THORChain
​THORSwap - World's first multi-chain dex powered by THORChain
​Rango Exchange - First Multi-chain DEX Aggregator
​Brokkr - Investment Platform for optimized DeFi Investing
​DefiSpot - Buy and earn BTC, ETH, and more fully decentralized
​SKIP - An exchange powered by THORChain
​THORGram - THORSwap in Telegram
​Shapeshift - Explore the Defi Universe

Integrated Wallets and Exchanges

​Liquality - Browser Extension Crypto Wallet with Built-In Swaps
​XDeFi - Cross-chain Wallet & Dex, Browser Extention
​THORWallet Dex - Cross-chain Wallet & Dex, Mobile Wallet


​Ferz Wallet - Cross-platform Progressive Web Application


​GrassRoots Crypto - Educational videos
​LP University - Educational, Liquidity Pooling Strategy Discussions
​RuneBase - News and Updates on THORChain
​THORNoob - Weekly Community Updates and Educational Articles


​THORChain Vision - Key stats and figures related to core Thorchain operations
​THORYield - View your added liquidity on THORChain
​RUNEBalance - View current arbitrage opportunities in the pools.
​THORChain Data Digest - THORChain Data Reports / Analysis
​DecentralFi - Track positionsβ€Š -{thor address}
​THORBelt - View your liquidity, assist with trading.
​THORChain Information Bot - Useful commands to fetch network info
​THORChain Monitoring Bot - Monitoring of major events in THORChain
​THORChain Twitter Bot - Posts network stats
​RuneData - LP Prediction Tool
​LP Calculator - THORChain LP Calculator
​THORChain Vision - Contains key stats and figures related to core Thorchain operations.
​Swapalyzer of THORChain - View Swap information


​THORChain Network Explorer - THORChain Network Explorer
​THORmon - Detailed THORNode Dashboard
​Constants - Current THORChain Constants
​Mimir - Overrides for Constants
​Midgard Docs - Documentation for Midgard API to query THORChain.
​Tx Queue - THORChain Transaction Queue
​Viewblock Dashboard - THORChain Block Dashboard
​Viewblock Explorer - THORChain Block Explorer

Community Dev Projects

​Ledger - Client library to communicate with a THORChain App running in a Ledger.
​XChainJS - A library with a common interface for multiple blockchains, built for simple and fast integration for wallets and more, in JS. Docs link.
​xchainpy-lib - A library with a common interface for multiple blockchains, built for simple and fast integration for wallets and more, in PY.
​thorchain-arb - THORChain Arb Bot.

Community Socials

​THORChain Dev Discord (for only dev discussions):
​LP University - Discord Server
​THORSwap - Discord Server
​xDefi - Discord Server
​THORChadDAO - Discord Server
​THORStarter - Telegram Chanel
​DefiSpot - Discord Server
​THORGuards - Discord Server
​Vanir Threads - Discord Server
​PixelTHOR - Telegram Channel

Regional Socials