THORChain Ecosystem and Community Projects. The majority of the THORChain Ecosystem is community-based and anyone can join.

THORChain Website and Socials

All the following are community-run resources. There are no "official" channels.
Socials: Telegram | Twitter | Medium
Documentation: Docs | Dev Docs | White Paper | Audits
Block Explorers: Viewblock Explorer |

Community Projects

Below is a list of active THORChain community projects. Also, see linktree. If you would like to be funded to build something in the THORChain ecosystem please build something then reach out.

Exchanges Only

ASGARDEX Desktop - Wallet and Exchange Client for THORChain
THORSwap - World's first multi-chain dex powered by THORChain
Rango Exchange - First Multi-chain DEX Aggregator
Brokkr - Investment Platform for optimized DeFi Investing
DefiSpot - Buy and earn BTC, ETH, and more fully decentralized
SKIP - An exchange powered by THORChain
THORGram - THORSwap in Telegram
Shapeshift - Explore the Defi Universe

Integrated Wallets and Exchanges

Liquality - Browser Extension Crypto Wallet with Built-In Swaps
XDeFi - Cross-chain Wallet & Dex, Browser Extention
THORWallet Dex - Cross-chain Wallet & Dex, Mobile Wallet


Ferz Wallet - Cross-platform Progressive Web Application
Edge Wallet - Cross-platform Mobile Application


GrassRoots Crypto - Educational videos
LP University - Educational, Liquidity Pooling Strategy Discussions
RuneBase - News and Updates on THORChain
THORNoob - Weekly Community Updates and Educational Articles


THORChain Vision - Key stats and figures related to core Thorchain operations
THORYield - View your added liquidity on THORChain
THORChain Data Digest - THORChain Data Reports / Analysis
DecentralFi - Track positions  -{thor address}
THORChain Information Bot - Useful commands to fetch network info
THORChain Monitoring Bot - Monitoring of major events in THORChain
THORChain Twitter Bot - Posts network stats
RuneData - LP Prediction Tool
LP Calculator - THORChain LP Calculator
THORChain Vision - Contains key stats and figures related to core Thorchain operations.
Swapalyzer of THORChain - View Swap information


THORChain Network Explorer - THORChain Network Explorer
THORmon - Detailed THORNode Dashboard
Constants - Current THORChain Constants
Mimir - Overrides for Constants
Midgard Docs - Documentation for Midgard API to query THORChain.
Thornode Docs - Documentation for Thornode API to query Thornode.
Tx Queue - THORChain Transaction Queue
Viewblock Dashboard - THORChain Block Dashboard
Viewblock Explorer - THORChain Block Explorer

Community Dev Projects

XChainJS - A library with a common interface for multiple blockchains, built for simple and fast integration for wallets and more, in JS. Docs link.
Ledger - Client library to communicate with a THORChain App running in a Ledger.
xchainpy-lib - A library with a common interface for multiple blockchains, built for simple and fast integration for wallets and more, in PY.
thorchain-arb - THORChain Arb Bot.

Community Socials

THORChain Dev Discord (for only dev discussions):
LP University - Discord Server
THORSwap - Discord Server
xDefi - Discord Server
THORChadDAO - Discord Server
THORStarter - Telegram Chanel
DefiSpot - Discord Server
THORGuards - Discord Server
Vanir Threads - Discord Server
PixelTHOR - Telegram Channel

Regional Socials