What is a Savers Vault?

Savers Vaults are way to supply single-asset liquidity on THORChain. Any user can simply deposit native Bitcoin, earn in-kind yield, and withdraw their principal any time since they maintain full control of their keys.

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Is Savers Vault yield fixed rate or variable rate?

Yield is variable and driven by swap fees, block rewards, pool depth, and the incentive pendulum. Annual percentage rates (APRs) are calculated using an extrapolation of past performance data from the last 30 days. Past performance does not guarantee or predict future results.

Are there fees to enter and exit a Savers Vault?

Yes. There are slippage fees paid on entering and exiting a Savers Vault. There is a 5 pbs for entry and exit fee for all savers position due to streaming swaps regardless of the size of the transaction.

Which assets are eligible to deposit in a Savers Vault?

All L1 Assets and Selected Stables. See full list at

Where can I access Savers Vaults?

Users can manage a THORChain Savers Vault positions through many interfaces. See Exchanges for a complete list.

Where can I track my Savers Vault yield?

Users can track their Savers Vault positions on any supported interface including:

  • THORYield

  • THOR Infobot

Should I use THORChain Savers Vaults?

You should use THORChain Savings if you are planning on keeping your funds in the vault long enough for the fees accrued to offset the entry/exit costs, as well as the outbound fee(s) assessed when withdrawing.

Example: a user deposits 1 BTC in a pool 1000 BTC deep; thus pays a 0.1% slippage fee (1/1001) and is credited 0.999 BTC in the vault. If the pool is paying 3.65% APR, this is 0.1% earned every 10 days. Thus the user should plan to stay at least 20 days to pay for the entry and exit fee as a minimum. If the user does not stay long enough, they risk having the yield they earn not offsetting the fees paid to enter and exit the vault, thus causing them to experience a loss of principal.

What are the risks associated with Savers Vaults?

Savers Vaults are not risk-free. Although Savers has been designed to mitigate risk, the possibility of loss cannot be eliminated completely. It is the user’s responsibility to be aware of the risks before entering a Savers Vault.

Can my Wallet / DEX / DeFi Product / Yield Aggregator / App offer Savers Vaults to its customers?

Yes, any person, service, or dApp can create a frontend interface to offer THORChain Savers Vaults to its users. Interested parties should review the THORChain Developer Documentation and contact Nine Realms.

How do I integrate with Savers?

See the developer quick start guide here

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