Introduction of THORChain, BEPSwap, Asgard Wallet and the rest of the ecosystem.


THORChain is a cross-chain liquidity protocol designed to connect all blockchain assets in a marketplace of liquidity with assets secured by economically incentivised nodes. By leveraging Tendermint, Cosmos-SDK and Threshold Signature Schemes, THORChain is able to remain chain-agnostic, favoring no specific asset or blockchain and able to scale massively without sacrificing security.

THORChain enables users to swap between digital assets on almost any blockchain in a trustless & permissionless setting, with low fees and at market prices. Liquidity is provided by stakers who earn fees on swaps, turning their unproductive assets into productive assets in a non-custodial manner. Market prices are maintained through the ratio of assets in pools which can be arbitraged by traders to restore correct market prices.


BEPSwap is THORChain's first go-to-market product that is just limited to Binance Chain assets. It is not intended to be maintained long term, instead it will be replace by ASGARDEX.

Asgard Wallet

Asgard Wallet (ASGARDEX) is a censorship-resistant desktop client that will be the main portal into the system instead. Asgard Wallet is able to control the full life-cycle of a transaction and ensure compatibility with THORChain.

THORChain - The Project

THORChain is managed by a psuedo-anonymous group of developers who believe in the future of liquidity . and are determined to deliver it. They are sufficiently funded and incentivised to work on the project. THORChain was conceptualised in 2018 at a Binance Chain Dexathon, funded in 2019 and is intended to be launched in 2020.