THORChain Name Service

How THORNames work



THORNames allow anyone to register cross-chain wallet addresses to a 1-30 long string of hexadecimal characters which include special characters -_+ This makes them compatible to represent emojis ⚡️

Users use a special memo and a THORChain MsgDeposit transaction to register their addresses. This then allows the system to lookup the name and retrieve the correct corresponding address for the specified chain.

A THORChain address can be assigned one (1) THORName to manage the other addresses associated. For example: the THORName chris can receive $BTC to the chris.btc address, chris.eth to receive $ETH and so forth. Wallet providers will easily be able to integrate to resolve cross-chain addresses for a user.

{ "chris" :
{"thor: "thor1egxvam70a86jafa3s0m2g3m7548gcg3kqfmfax",
"btc" : "bc1qq2z2f4gs4nd7t0a9zzjtegu4nczhajjp90y9l9",
"eth" : "0x04c5998ded94f8926e64a99b7dbc9f463370444c",
"bch" : "qz7262r7uufxk89emajqm97vskzwtxrf6yquk7zfwr",
"ltc" : "ltc1qaa064vvv4d6stgrd3tt93fp6jxywnf777j6dl8",
"bnb" : "bnb1pa6hpjs7qv0vkd55n08yw7v7fks5tqa2xtt2gk"}

Currently, there are five (5) native L1 chains available on THORChain: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance, and Bitcoin Cash.


There is a one-time registration fee of around 10 RUNE, with a 20 tor block fee, which works out to be around 1 RUNE annually. A user who pays 2 RUNE will then keep their name registered for 2 years.


Q1. Is it possible to update my address that is linked to my THORName? A1.

Q2. Is it possible to change my name linked to my address? A2.

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